German Garlic

German Garlic

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German (Allium ophioscorodon) - This Rocambole is one of the sweetest yet retains enough heat to give you a quick swift kick! Produces very large bulbs by mid season that yield 8 -12 cloves and store 4-6 months. Produces 10-25 large Bulbils that can be planted in fall as rounds. Like most Rocambole hardneck garlic, long term storage is challenging due to the thin and limited wrappers. Slightly earlier harvest can help combat the storage viability issue. We have pushed storage to 10 months with no issues.  A great garlic for roasting.

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All garlic orders will be shipped starting August 31 to ensure curing process is complete. 


Our garlic is grown under organic production principles from planting until harvest. All plants, cloves and bulbs are carefully inspected to ensure the highest of quality seed stock. 

Shipping your garlic: The garlic you ordered has been cured and inspected, packaged in paper to allow breathing room. When your garlic arrives we suggest you take it out of the paper bags and give it some room allowing more curing time before you store it for pre-planting in the fall. 

Storing your garlic before planting: Keep your bulbs out of direct sunlight, 10-15 degrees and below 60% Relative humidity with good air circulation. Avoid storing in a place with high temperature or humidity fluctuations. Storage mold may form on garlic that sits on a warm kitchen counter day after day, or a non insulated garage with high overnight humidity.