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Antique-Red Peony Poppy 'Nana Toots'

Antique-Red Peony Poppy 'Nana Toots'


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Antique-Red Peony Poppy ‘Nana Toots’ (Papavera paeoniflorum) These stunning double antique red peony-poppy seeds were passed on from Nana ‘Toots’ Zelinski of Thunder Bay Ontario. The seeds were given to her grand daughter Kathy in 1992 who later grew them on her farm in Kelowna BC. The jar of seeds was thought to be lost forever when Kathy moved back east to Nova Scotia. Luckily, another Family member had saved these delightful family heirloom poppies. They have continued to be grown within the family across Canada, carrying on Nana’s horticultural legacy. These poppies will hold their flower petals when cut, making excellent cut flowers. Seed heads can also be used in dried flower arrangements. A low maintenance, flower that will self-seed itself in place. 

75 seeds per packet $3.95