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Hummingbird Flower Collection

Hummingbird Flower Collection

Revival Seeds

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Hummingbird Flower Collection - An ideal selection of sixteen heirloom flowers that attract hummingbirds and hummingbird moths (Sphingidae family). Hummingbird species such as the ruby throated, prefer darker coloured flowers of red and purple, while hummingbird moths, particularly evening foragers, are attracted to pale coloured flowers with long corolla tubes that are highly fragrant. This is a perfect mix of annual, biennial, and perennial varieties that will set blooms from early summer until fall.

This collection includes one package of each of the following: Click on any variety for more product information;

Tall Four O'Clock Mix, Tall Garden Phlox, Nova Scotia Lupin Mix, Yellow Foxglove, Only the Lonely Nicotiana, Painted Tongue, Wild Bergamot Bee Balm, Nana 'Toots' Petunia Mix, Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory, Baba's Blue Delphinium, Trio of Pink Hollyhock, Blue Giant Hyssop, Alpine Columbine, Coral Mix Zinnia, Blue Monday Sage, Empress of India Nasturtium

*The following species will benefit from 4-6 weeks of cold stratification:
- Tall Garden Phlox
- Yellow Foxglove
- Nova Scotia Lupin Mix
- Wild Bergamot Bee Balm
- Blue Giant Hyssop
- Alpine Columbine
- Trio of Pink Hollyhock