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English Lavender

English Lavender


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English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) This perennial herb is profoundly beautiful with its lush purple flowers poised on top of bright green stalks. They are sweet and aromatic, and liven up the garden with their colour pallet and ability to draw pollinators. English Lavender is commonly used for culinary purposes to bring out delicate floral notes in baked goods, citrus based drinks, and now commonly in lattes. This herb is also associated with calming and anxiety relieving medicines; the scent is used by many to ward off headaches and stress. Lavender will tolerate colder temperatures and light frost, but does not take well to damp and humid climates.

90-200 days to maturity

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Planting Instructions:

After 7 days of refrigeration, sow seeds indoors, lightly covering with soil. Keep warm and do not overwater. Slow to germinate (14-21 days) so be patient! Transplant seedlings 12-24 inches apart in well-drained soils.