Blue Giant Hyssop (Anise Hyssop)

Blue Giant Hyssop (Anise Hyssop)


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Blue Giant Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) Also known as Anise Hyssop or Lavender Hyssop, this perennial has very showy flowers, fragrant foliage and tends to grow 2-3 feet in height. Deer seem to avoid it on our fields here in Nova Scotia. Hyssop will self-seed readily and usually blooms in the first year of growth. This is a highly attractive pollinator plant to bee, hummingbird, and butterfly species. In addition, Blue Giant Hyssop makes an excellent addition to herb and perennial gardens. Crushing the leaves will exude a memorable liquorice smell. Often used to make tea and cold remedies.  

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Planting Instructions: Sow indoors mid-February to mid-March for transplanting in May, or direct sow in autumn. Highest germination rates occur after 2-3 weeks of cold stratification, and adding heat under growing trays. Cover seeds lightly and keep moist in a sterile seed starting mix. When the risk of frost has passed, transplant outdoors to containers or at 30cm (12″) spacing.