Boothby's Blonde Cucumber

Boothby's Blonde Cucumber


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Boothby’s Blonde Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) This open-pollinated heirloom has been grown by the Boothby family of Livermore, Maine for over five generations. A prolific producer of plump fruit with creamy-blonde skin turning to yellow when mature. A mild sweetness makes it great for eating out of hand. A favourite of our farm dog ‘Leo’ who often raids the vines when we are not looking!

60-65 days to maturity

25 seeds per packet $4.45

Planting Instructions: Seed indoors 1/2 inch deep. Line out transplants after risk of frost has passed, spacing 5-6 seed apart. Direct seed in raised hills sowing 5-6 seeds 1/2 inch deep. Soil temperature should be at least 21 degrees Celsius. Space mounds 5-6 feet apart, thinning to 3 plants per mount. Cucumbers can be trellised.