Connecticut Wonder Pole Bean

Connecticut Wonder Pole Bean


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Connecticut Wonder Pole Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) This heirloom snap bean with pole habit has a fabulous story attached to its origins: In 1919 Reverend Frank Abbott, told his granddaughter, Deborah, that the beans were a “gift from the bees” a result of cross-pollinated plants in his Connecticut garden. He named the new variety Connecticut Wonder and believed it was a cross between Kentucky Wax and Cranberry Pole beans. Deborah eventually gifted the seed to an avid gardener named John Withee, also known as the ‘bean man’ who later gifted them to  Seed Savers Exchange in1981. We obtained the seeds from a horticulturist near Truro NS in 2016 who has grown them for many years. The beans have fared extremely well in our Maritime climate. This is a very sweet and juicy green pod born from white flowers. Pods will mature to pale yellow and contain large, shiny, dark-brown, kidney-shaped seeds. If you are trellising these, use very good support or they will eventually bring down your efforts!! (learned from experience!)

60 - 70 days to maturity 

50 seeds per packet $4.45