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Yellow Borretana Onion
Yellow Borretana Onion

Yellow Borretana Onion


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Yellow Borretana Onion (Allium cepa This is a very old cipollini onion variety dating as far back as the 15th century to the Reggio Emilia province of Northern Italy. They are named after the town Boretta, but also widely known as Button onions, since they are shaped much like creamy-white buttons with a flattened, disc-like shape . This is a very sweet and hardy onion that can be grown in Northern Latitudes. Borettana onions can be boiled, roasted, braised, pickled and will fit quite nicely on a barbecued kebob stick. A simply wonderful flavoured onion often described as sweet and mellow in taste. Perhaps 'Mellow Yellow' might be an appropriate name for this thin-skinned beauty! Borretana onions also make a really nice side dish with roasts, grilled meats, or poultry. Braids beautifully and stores quite easily up to 5 months.

100 days to maturity

min. 75 seeds per packet $4.45

Planting instructions: Start seeds indoors in late winter, covering lighting to 1/4 inch depth at 1/2 inch apart. Transplant during late spring, spacing seedlings 6-8 inches apart within the row. Harvest when leaves die back and bulbs have sized. Cure bulbs for 10-14 days out of direct sun.