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Crawford Estates Lettuce

Crawford Estates Lettuce


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Crawford Estates Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) An extremely prolific variety of loose leaf with very sturdy, green-slightly yellow leaves. Discovered many years ago in a backyard subdivision of Kelowna, BC, known as ‘Crawford Estates’ by retired electrician and avid gardener, George Byrka. Since that time most of the Byrka family seed savers have obtained this seed from George and cherished it dearly. We are pleased to offer it for sale for the first time! This is one of the most flavourful, slow bolting, long season loose leaf varieties we have ever grown. A proven winner in our family from BC to Nova Scotia! It might be ‘The best lettuce ever!'

40 days to maturity

250 seeds per packet $3.95

Planting Instructions: Sow Lettuce seeds 1/4 inch deep in early spring when soil temperature is between 10-20 degrees Celsius. Thin heading Lettuce to 12 inches apart and loose types to 8 inches.