Cucurbit Power Pack

Cucurbit Power Pack

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Battle the bad bugs with good plants! Consider these three methods of companion planting to make life difficult for unwanted insect pests like Cucumber Beetles and Squash Bugs!

  1. Companion plants that repel - plant these high scented varieties in between and as a perimeter crop. Nasturtium, Marigold, Dill, Common Chives & Borage. The scent is not desirable to cucumber beetles and squash bugs.
  2. Plants that attract predatory/beneficial insects like Syrphid flies and Parasitic Wasps, who pray on the ‘bad bugs' - Arugula, Buckwheat, Radish, (must not harvest but let plants bolt/flower all season) Interplant and/or use as a permitter crop.
  3. Plants that act as trap crops - Blue Hubbard Squash - Cucumber beetles and squash bugs are highly attracted to these flowers and foliage. Destroy the plant and/or Cucumber beetles and squash bugs once infested (sow 2-3 weeks ahead of the main desirable crop and plant at least 6-10’ away.)

Our Cucurbit Power Pack includes one seed packet of each of the following @ 10% off until May 15. 

Mary Sulyk Radish - Attracts beneficial insects at bloom stage. 

Sylvetta ArugulaAttracts beneficial insects at bloom stage.

Common BuckwheatAttracts beneficial insects at bloom stage.

Borage - Fragrant companion (repel). 

Cracker Jack Marigold - Fragrant companion (repel).

Garlic Chives - Fragrant companion (repel).

Dmytro's Ukrainian Dill - Fragrant companion (repel).

Empress of India Nasturtium - Fragrant companion (repel).

Blue Hubbard Squash - Trap Crop 

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