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Cylindra Beet

Cylindra Beet


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Cylindra Beet (Beta vulgaris) Also known as Formanova, this heirloom beet dates back to the early 1890’s. The cylindrical shape of this beet makes it ideal for pickling and slicing. The young seedlings make popular microgreens. Leaves are very sweet and make great salad greens. Dark red fleshy roots grow 6-8 inches in length, with a good portion growing above ground. We usually hill these beets just enough to protect the exposed portion of the root.

50-70 days to maturity

100 seeds per packet $3.50

Planting instructions: Sow seeds 1/2 inch deep and 1 inch apart, thinning to 2-3 inches apart after germination. Leave 12-18 inches between rows. Begin seeding when soil temperature is 7-10 degrees Celsius.