Elsie's Lupine Mix

Elsie's Lupine Mix


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Elsie’s Lupine Mix (Lupinus spp) Another family selection from the original farmyard. These Lupine seeds were collected by my mother in the early 80’s. Since then, several family members have been keeping the gene pool alive. Elsie’s Lupines are notoriously dark purple - slightly pinkish hue. Sometimes we see a few blue flowers in the mix. Lupine is a perennial favourite with magnificent spires illuminating the meadows, gardens, and wild spaces. This low-maintenance wildflower is a great food source for bees and pollinators.

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Planting Instructions: Requires cold stratification before seeding. (4-5 weeks of refrigeration.) Start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. Broadcast seed on top of soil and lightly cover with dome or plastic film until emergence. Lupin seed can be scarified and pre-soaked 24 hours before sowing to increase germination rate. Sow Lupin at 1/8 inch depth. Germination may take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks so be patient!