Green Beauty Pea

Green Beauty Pea


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Green Beauty Pea (Pisum sativum) Bred by Alan Kapuler, Ph.D., of Peace Seeds from one plant found by Carl Jones among multiple crosses. This was a fascinating snow pea to grow on our farm. It was very difficult to not photograph the almost translucent like pods as the sun revealed a sneak peak at the peas inside. The flowers are a stunning creamy purple yielding to tender, delicious pod that are great for steaming. Vigorous vines grow 6-8 feet tall and require support. Plants yield no shortage of pods measuring between 7-8 inches at maturity. Pods remain tender and tasty even when harvested at their full size.

60 days to maturity

50 seeds per packet $3.50

Planting Instructions: Sow seeds 1/2 - 1 inch deep, 2 inches apart in row during late spring or when soil temperature is at least 10-15 degrees Celsius.