Jacob's Cattle Bean

Jacob's Cattle Bean


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Jacob’s Cattle Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) A tried and true variety that has been shown for centuries to thrive in tough northern climates. It is suggested that this Prince Edward Island heirloom was gifted from the Passamaquoddy Indians to Joseph Clark and his crew. This is without a doubt, the most popular traditional soup and baking bean. Also known as Trout (Jacob out of Virginia) or Dalmatian bean, it is one of the earliest beans to dry, even in our shorter Canadian summers. A very strikingly prized bean speckled with white and deep maroon markings. This is a bush bean that can also be used earlier as a shell bean. If you are looking for a bean to bake a fresh pot of beans, this is your choice! An early variety that is extremely prolific in the field.

75-80 days to maturity

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