Japanese Catnip

Japanese Catnip


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Japanese Catnip (Schizonepeta tennifolia) Also known as Jing Jie, this annual Chinese medicinal herb is commonly cultivated for its antibacterial properties. Used as a tea to treat colds, allergies and throat infections. Bushy plants grow 2-3 feet around and usually no more than 3’ high, producing highly fragrant, purple flowering spikes. Retains its powerful mint-like scent through winter months after plants have died back. An annual species in most regions of Canada.

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Planting InstructionsJapanese Catnip prefers a sunny, warm exposure and a fast-draining soil of medium fertility. Surface-sow and press in soil medium firmly. Keep evenly moist and in full light.  Expect germination in 1 to 3 weeks. Can be sown in outdoor pots or directly in the spring garden. Space transplants at 12 inches apart.