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Lena Spraybash Fava Bean
Lena Spraybash Fava Bean

Lena Spraybash Fava Bean


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Lena Spraybash Fava Bean  (Vicia faba)  My daughter first grew this heirloom broad bean in Manitoba in 2016 for a school based project. We were so impressed with its early maturity and overall disease resistance vs other varieties that we saved the seed from selected plants. This broad bean continues to show the same positive characteristics in the Maritime region of Canada as it did on the prairies. After three years of field trials we are now offering this spectacular heirloom for purchase. 

70-75 days to maturity 

20 seeds per packet

Planting Instructions: Plant 1.5 inches deep at 6 inch spacing within rows when soil temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius or two weeks before the last frost, similar to Peas. Broad beans thrive in cool conditions.