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Lina Sisco's Bird Egg Bean
Lina Sisco's Bird Egg Bean

Lina Sisco's Bird Egg Bean


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Lina Sisco's Bird Egg Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) aka Granny's Bird Egg Bean, this plump dry horticultural Heirloom bush bean dates back to the late 1800's. It is an old time favourite of gardeners, particularly from the midwestern regions of NA. In 1975, Lina Sisco co-founded Seed Savers Exchange with other seed enthusiasts, donating this family heirloom bean to the SSE seed collection. As the story states in the 1880's, Lina's grandmother had carried these beans with her on her Wagon Train journey to Missouri. Another amazing story of the 'immigrant spirit' and seed diversity! An early Seed Savers Exchange newsletter included this note from Lina herself: “I have been gardening for more years than I like to think about and I do love to raise all kinds of stuff and do lots of canning. I share with lots of people from my garden. So I am sending you two kinds of beans that I raise. The Bird Egg beans have been in my family for many, many years, as my grandmother brought them to Missouri some time in the 1880s.” A very flavourful dry bean with vibrant red-streaked pods. Short, dwarf-like bush plants. Our seed source comes from our grandfather who likely ordered a packet through SSE in the mid 1980's. He grew these every year in his Manitoba garden until he passed in the late 80's. We are fortunate enough to have the 'Scisco' strain! A wonderful heirloom that boasts a creamy potato-like texture and is perfect boiled, or used as a dry bean. An easy bean to grow and save the seeds from so you can pass them along to your grandchildren!

75-80 days to maturity

25 seeds per packet $3.50

Direct sow seeds 2 inches apart at 1 inch deep, in rows 36 inches apart after the soil has reached at least 15 degrees Celsius.