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Lucky's Purple Petunia

Lucky's Purple Petunia


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Lucky’s Purple Petunia ( Petunia) – The farm dog; a border collie named Lucky would often seek the shade of a hot summer day by barrelling through my grandmother’s pink and purple petunia’s which were planted right next to the cool cement steps. Much to my grandmother’s disapproval, Lucky would continually flatten her prized Petunia collection. My mother has continued to plant ‘Lucky’s Petunia’s’ for many years thereafter. We were ‘Lucky’ enough to have been gifted the seed source in 2016. Eventually a wire fence would force Lucky to find an alternative pathway to her favourite hang-out. Another unique heirloom flower from Baba with pastel and violet-purple coloured flowers.

50 seeds per packet $3.95

Planting Instructions: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date. Broadcast seed on top of soil and lightly cover with dome or plastic film until emergence. Keep under full light and harden plants off 7-10 days before lining out.