Microgreen Collection

Microgreen Collection

Revival Seeds

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Enjoy 12 of our favourite varieties that can be grown and harvested just after the first true leaves emerge. Microgreens are extremely high in vitamins and loaded with antioxidants. A wonderful addition to any culinary recipe!

The Microgreen Collection includes one packet of each of the following varieties (2 packets of sunflower). Click on any variety for more product information; 

Sylvetta Arugula, Ruthie's Ukrainian Kale, Calabrese Broccoli, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Alaska Pea, Homesteader Pea, Green Pac Choy, Big Baba Bull's Blood Beet, Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, Mary Sulyk Cherry Belle Radish, 2 x Lemon Queen Sunflower, and Giant Red Mustard