Pink Musk-Mallow

Pink Musk-Mallow


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Pink Musk-Mallow (Malva moschata) This delightful species is a short-lived perennial wildflower of Nova Scotia which has origins from Western Europe. Also known as Wild PInk Mallow Flower, this plant has a long history of being utilized as a medicinal herb. Both leaves and flowers are edible and have been used to treat inflammation, insect bites and respiratory conditions. Pink-bluish terminal flowers with five to seven pedals  are very noticeable and profuse during most of the summer, particularly along roadsides, abandoned fields and fence lines. 

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Sow Musk-mallow seeds outdoors in autumn or before the last frost in spring, covering seeds lightly with soil. Allow 12 - 24 inches between plants. Musk-mallow do best in full sunlight but will also grow well in partial shade.