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Purple Mountain Cornflower

Purple Mountain Cornflower


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Purple Mountain Cornflower (Centaurea montana) Another perennial flower that has naturalized on our farm, this one in the daisy family, Centaurea montana are the perennial cornflowers or Mountain Bluet. They perform best in full sun locations. Centaurea reproduce quite easily from small pieces of root left behind in the soil after removal or division, making them difficult to eradicate over time. We are told they were seeded here the year the barn addition was built in 1961. This is a hardy perennial that tolerates poor soil conditions and variable pH. Does suffer in prolonged wet soils. They are easy to grow, very tolerant of drought, and will naturalize. The blooms are very showy, fringed flower heads that are long blooming. Seeds resemble tiny squid.

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Planting Instructions: Requires cold stratification before seeding. (4-5 weeks of refrigeration.) Start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. Broadcast seed on top of soil and lightly cover with dome or plastic film until emergence.