Purple Orach
Purple Orach

Purple Orach


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Purple Orach (Atriplex hortensis) Also known as saltbush or Red Mountain Spinach, this is a very old cultivated plant that has recently attracted attention as a superfood alternative to spinach, kale and chard. Rich in disease-fighting antioxidants and a slew of vitamins and minerals, Orach is a good heat-tolerant, fast growing spinach alternative, bearing dark green leaves that have a spinach-like flavour. We were very impressed with this purple variety from our first trials in 2019. This superfood is easy to grow and shows beautifully in mixed borders where its tall stems and deep purple-red leaves produce dangling seeds clusters.

45-60 days to maturity

50 seeds per packet $3.95

Planting Instructions:

Sow seeds ½ inch deep and thin plants to 6-8 inches apart. Sow 2-3 weeks before last spring frost.