Red Boy Bachelor's Button

Red Boy Bachelor's Button


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Red Boy Bachelor's Button  (Centaurea cyanus) This is an old time classic annual flower, not to be confused with its cousin the Purple Mountain Cornflower, which is a perennial (Centaurea montana). Also known as “cornflower,” these striking flowers have lined home gardens for centuries. Bachelor button flowers are low maintenance and grow well in a full sun. 'Red Boy' is a selection from the distinguished gardens of the late Mr. H. Gauthier of Halifax who had grown these beauties for many years. Expect Deep red-wine/rose blooms from early summer to late fall. 

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Planting Instructions: Direct seed 2-3 weeks before last frost and lightly cover. Can also start indoors 6 weeks before the last frost date. Broadcast seed on top of soil and lightly cover, add dome or plastic film. Root ball develops best at cooler night time temperatures.