Royal Sweet Pea Mix 'Glencairn' Strain
Royal Sweet Pea Mix 'Glencairn' Strain

Royal Sweet Pea Mix 'Glencairn' Strain


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Royal Sweet Pea Mix - 'Glencairn' Strain (Lathyrus odoratus) Another family heirloom that was collected from the old Glencairn school yard in Manitoba by Emil Byrka who completed his first teaching assignment there in 1963. Large incredibly fragrant 2 inch blossoms in distinct colours of red, purple, pink(s), blue, and white. This is a long-lasting bloomer that is popular with hummingbird species and apparently hardy enough to withstand years of prairie winters and restless school children! 

Germination: 14-22 days

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Transplants: Scarify seeds and soak overnight in warm water or a weak solution of Chamomile tea. - Sow 1/4- 1/2" deep into 72-cell flats or preferred deep-cell seedling container, 4-5 weeks before planting out. Darkness is required for germination. Cool soil temperatures increase germination rates.

Direct Sow: 6 weeks before last frost. Seedlings can tolerate a light frost. Put trellis in place and pinch when 6-8" tall to encourage more blooms. 

**CAUTION** Sweet Peas (all parts of the Lathyrus plant) can be toxic if consumed in large enough quantities. Caution around children and pets. Purchaser assumes all liability related to the use of this product.