Ruthie's Ukrainian Kale

Ruthie's Ukrainian Kale


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Ruthie's Ukrainian Kale (Brassica napus) This biennial continues to grow on our farm as a volunteer in random locations. It was originally grown in the 1970’s by Ruthie Colville of Coldspring Farm. We have selected our favourite specimens and trialled them in two different locations. We have found this variety to be sweeter and more tender than other European Kales we have grown, especially during the warmer weather. The red-veined bunching blue-green leaves change colour accordingly to cooler weather conditions and provide year round meals on our Zone 5a farm. A gorgeous heirloom kale with over 50 years of provenance on the North Mountain of the Annapolis Valley.

55 days to maturity

100 seeds per packet $4.45

Planting Instructions: Direct seed in early spring at 1/4 - 1/2 inch deep and thin to strongest plant.