Sister Nips Tomato

Sister Nips Tomato


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Sister Nips Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Another rare heirloom variety from Allan of Cricket Corner in Kennedy Saskatchewan. Alan obtained these seeds from a vendor at a Seedy Saturday in Yorktown, SK. Origins of the seed come from the gardening program at Ecole Notre Dame de Vertus at Zenon Park, SK. This variety was described as an heirloom from one of the Sister’s families who ran the convent garden in the 1970’s. There was no description of the plants and fruit, so we were quite excited to trial these seeds in 2022 for the first time, and again in 2023. Sister Nips tomatoes are an early maturing 2” x 3” ovoid paste-like shape with rounded bottoms. Orange-red tomatoes are born on indeterminate vines. Skin is not as thick as a typical paste but they do have a low seed count. Sister Nips are extremely hardy and disease resistance but prone to sun scald if not picked at the 3/4 ripe stage. A very tasty, almost tangy, pleasantly textured tomato with that old heirloom flavour, similar to Kalinka or Moskovich. We suspect its origins are Eastern European in nature. Certainly worthy as a sauce and slicing tomato. EXTREMELY RARE and Exclusive! Please save your seeds! LIMITED QUANTITIES for 2024!

20 seeds per packet $4.45

70-75 days to maturity from transplant