Sylvetta Arugula
Sylvetta Arugula

Sylvetta Arugula


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Sylvetta Arugula (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) A variety of Arugula that is slower growing and more prominent in taste than the regular Arugula. This wild variety has narrower leaves, yellow flowers and is more pungent in taste with a kick of peppery spice. Favourable among chefs and culinary enthusiasts, this herb is a garden essential. Sylvetta Arugula can be harvested regularly for its baby leaves which have a strong bitterness and nutty flavour profile.

20 days to maturity for baby leaves, 50 days to maturity for full size leaves

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Planting Instructions:

Direct seed 1/8 inch depth from early spring throughout the season. Ideal soil temp 4-12 degrees C. Seed should germinate in 5-7 days. Keep soil moist to slow bolting.