Tropeana Lunga Onion

Tropeana Lunga Onion


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Tropeana Lunga Onion (Allium cepa) This is a really nice elongated, torpedo-like red onion, similar in shape and size to those Christmas tree ornaments that my grandmother hung on the tree over several generations. This Mediterranean heirloom is easy to grow and makes a very popular choice in fine cuisines. Our seed source comes from a musical friend, chef  and avid horticulturalist in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  This strain has finished very well in hardiness zone 4 & 5, but does require a solid 100 -110 days to reach maturity, however, we have recently grown this strain in southern Manitoba (Zone 3b) with good success. Limited quantity available. 

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Planting instructions: Start seeds indoors in late winter, covering lighting to 1/4 inch depth at 1/2 inch apart. Transplant during late spring, spacing seedlings 6-8 inches apart within the row. Harvest when leaves die back and bulbs have sized. Cure bulbs for 10-14 days out of direct sun.