Weaver's Mennonite Stuffing Pepper

Weaver's Mennonite Stuffing Pepper


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Weavers Mennonite Stuffing Pepper (Capsicum annuum) - An heirloom dating back to the mid 1800’s, originally grown by the Weaver families of Lancaster County PA. This variety is also known as a Tomato Pepper, often used in pickling or hors d’ oeuvres. Makes a perfect sized stuffed appetizer. Expect highly productive upright plants bearing many small red fruits raging in size from 1.5 - 2" in diameter. A very productive and early maturing pepper that is useful in shorter growing seasons. (62 days from transplant)

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Planting Instructions: Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sow 1/4 inch deep and keep soil warm. Transplant into 1 inch cells or 2 inch pots at 1-2 leaf stage. Harden off plants for 4-5 days after risk of frost has passed. Transplant outdoors once day and night temperatures are consistently above 10 degrees Celsius.