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Zebra Striped Mallow Flower

Zebra Striped Mallow Flower


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 Zebra Striped Mallow Flower (Malva sylvestris var. mauritiana 'Zebrina') This old time cottage garden favourite is a long blooming plant closely related to the hollyhock. Zebra Mallow is a perennial but a biennial in most regions under zone 6. Zebra Mallow is easy to grow in full sun and well drained soils. The flowers are long lived, showy pink-lavender pedals with raspberry striping, born on spikes reaching upwards of 3-4 feet. Can become bush-like by mid summer eventually flowering itself to death after a few fall frosts! Hardy in zones 4-9.

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Planting Instructions:  Start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost, or direct sow outdoors in early spring when only light frost is still possible. If starting indoors, soil temperature should remain 21°C. Seeds will sprout in 14-28 days. Transplant after last frost, but do not disrupt the roots.